Give the gift of cashmere this May to yourself or a loved one and we will donate profits to Gidget Foundation Australia. These funds will directly support the work Gidget Foundation Australia does with expectant and new parents who need support at this time more than ever.

Gidget Foundation is an Australian non-profit supporting parents affected by perinatal depression and anxiety.

This weekend in Sydney, it feels like Winter is coming with cooler temperatures after the last few weeks of beautiful Autumn weather. An ideal time to snuggle up in cashmere. It is also important to keep moving as the weather cools to stay warm and loosen your body up.

A pose you can do at home to help open the sides.

Half Butterfly is a wonderful grounding posture that we can do every day.  It is a great way to start the day as it can release tension in the neck from sleeping overnight and is a beautiful stretch for the whole spine.

To set up, begin seated with legs wide. Bring the sole of the left door in towards the groin. Bow towards the right foot and hold.  If you have sore neck rest your head in your hand or on the bolster for more support. This pose can help to release tension in the head. Please note, if you have sciatica it might feel better for you to elevate with a blanket under your hips to raise your seat slightly.

Remember to listen to your body, don’t force, allow your body to relax over the bolster and the tension to let go. Hold each side for 3-5 minutes with a 1 minute rest in the middle and at the end. Take it slowly and feel the sensations in your body. Focus on your breath to stay grounded. Give yourself permission to pause and let go of the stress from your body and the week. Enjoy the stillness. Love tara