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Baby bolster mega meditation set

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We have created premium Australian made meditation cushions and yoga accessories to support your home or studio practice. Created in stylish fabrics designed to also look good in your living space to help you create a sanctuary at home. This meditation set is the ultimate relaxation set to support you. A baby bolster in natural hemp or platinum linen, mega rectangle floor cushion and mini lavender eyepillow. Ask about other fabrics available for this set.

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This Australian made Mandala Living beautiful relaxation kit has been created to support you with your meditation practice at home. Both the Mandala Living baby bolster and mega floor cushion are filled with soft white fluffy PET recycled plastic bottles material  to both provide support for your body to relax while meditating or practicing yoga. A lavender infused Mandala Living mini eyepillow for the ultimate relaxation.

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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 750 × 650 × 395 mm


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