Today, more than ever before, we’re living in a culture of availability, of always being ‘on’ and truth be told, sometimes it’s just plain exhausting. Yoga and meditation offer a holistic defense to stress, anxiety and exhaustion, and by creating a designated space at home to practice, it’s never been easier to take the time you need to reset, when you need it. Here’s how…



It’s all about simplicity. Ensure your space is filled with natural light and plenty of neutral colours. From your wall colour to your soft furnishings, you want to feel grounded and welcome as soon as you retreat to your retreat. You’re going to need space to stretch, an area that’s not too cluttered and a clear wall to lean against. Remember a passive practice of placing your legs up the wall will calm your nervous system, ground you and it’s also great for lower back and neck pain.



Comfortable cushions and bolsters are ideal for relaxation. Think neutral fabrics to compliment the space. Your special spot may not be a whole room, and that’s fine, get the colours right and your TV room for the family will also double beautifully as your relaxing/stretching/ meditation zen den when there’s no one else in there. Consider using neutral fabrics, linen, hemp or velvet; these fabrics will immediately ensure this becomes a multi purpose space.



It’s amazing how the right lighting and temperature can really set a space off. The perfect morning stream of sunlight will ensure a morning practice is warm and meditative. Similarly an evening practice surrounded by candles and mood lighting will ensure relaxation in equal measure. You may have a preference, or you may prefer both. Either way, ensure that there’s just enough fresh air in summer, and the right amount of heating in winter, so you always feel just right.


With love,