Now is the perfect time to create a space at home to practice yoga and meditate to help you and your family relax.

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and well.

My 3 top tips for creating a sanctuary at home…


By defining a specific spot at home to call your own sanctuary, you will ensure that a daily practice becomes part of your routine. Not only will this routine enable you to reduce stress, you can continue your fitness from home. Here, in your place you’ll be able to create a ritual of relaxation; and we don’t mean an onerous hour of exercise, we simply mean, for example, ten minutes every evening, where you get your cushions on the floor and you stop and stretch – a practice, however long, that’s going to work for you.


Are you a morning person? Perhaps it’s easier and more beneficial for you to stretch when the kids have gone to bed in the evening and you’re guaranteed uninterrupted time. Select a time of day that works for you and try and schedule time for you each day. It may be a juggle if all the family is now at home 24/7. We all have different demands and schedules so carving out – and sticking to – a convenient time is the first step in creating a habit. Naturally there will be some days where your body declares that it’s clocked off. That’s ok. Listen to your body and try to direct it at the same time each (or every second) day.


Some days you may just need to sit and breathe, other days your body will need stretching coupled with meditation. While it’s important to master your practice, get out of the way of yourself and let the posture do its work. In the midst of a relaxation exercise it’s easy to feel as though you should be doing something. Let go. Breathe. Keep your practice realistic and specific to your bodies needs for the day.

Buy yourself a bolster or meditation cushion to help with your home practice. This go-to space is used for quiet times, meditation, reading, stretching or yoga.

Thank you for supporting our small business. A reminder that all our eco-friendly bolsters, lavender eye pillows and mediation cushions are made by hand in Australia and can be purchased online. If you are in Sydney you are welcome to make an appointment to visit our showroom to select fabrics and see our range.

Below is one of our favourite poses to do, to calm the mind and relax the body.


Sending love to all. My other tip for helping to stay calm at the moment is to take each day at a time and to get out into nature every day. A walk to watch the sunrise, a dip in the ocean or watching the sunset while enjoying a quiet drink at home. Using this time to phone an old friend too, feels good to reconnect.

Stay safe and big hugs to all.

Love & light,  Tara