It has been a hectic few months and for some of us we are not even aware of the constant stress our bodies are under. Your breath may have become shorter and constricted during this unsettling time. 

Meditation can help to reduce stress, tension and fatigue. Like a sleep for our mind, a short mediation practice can release tension, allows you to feel more energised and helps your nervous system to run smoothly. The best thing is, it is a really simple practice that can be done anywhere and you can see significant results immediately. There are great apps you can listen to if you do not have a regular meditation practice. A great and easy way to start is to focus on the breath.

Calming Breath practice

Here is a simple practice you can try to relax your body and calm your mind. 

  1. Get comfortable and prepare to sit still for a few minutes. After you stop reading this, you’re going to simply focus on your own natural inhaling and exhaling of breath.
  2. Focus on your breath. Where do you feel your breath most? In your belly? In your nose? Try to keep your attention on your inhale and exhale.
  3. Follow your breath for two minutes. Take a deep inhale, expanding your belly, and then exhale slowly, elongating the out-breath as your belly contracts.

To help support you with your mediation practice at home we now have meditation sets. Save money by purchasing a set. We can also create custom sets if you want to choose your own set. 

Mindful Sewing Kits – collaboration with Sewing with Kate

Our relaxing lavender eyepillows are also great for helping to ease tension, especially headaches. We have collaborated with Sewing with Kate to bring you the DIY Sashiko Reviver Eye Pillow. This is the perfect project for beginners who want to try this mindful craft and make a beautiful luxe eye pillow in the process.

Sashiko is an ancient form of Japanese embroidery which dates back to the 1600’s. It was originally used as a mending technique to reinforce seams and mend worn fabric. Sashiko is also a slow process and encourages calm and conscious sewing.

Each kit includes detailed instructions, pre-stencilled fabric for your Sashiko embroidery work, a needle set, Sashiko thread and a beautiful piece of black silk which feels luxurious against your eyes. As a special launch offer these beautiful kits are $50 AUD.

Winter is the most yin of all the seasons – time for us to hibernate and look after ourselves. It is important to keep moving and keep our kidneys, lower back  and neck warm at this time.